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lil_mowery's Journal

a.d.d., adam brody, adam sandler, astrology, band geeks, band trips, bare feet, beaches, beatles, beauty, being weird, billy joel, blue, books, boys, broadway, brun rabbit, cameras, camping, canada, canadian boys, canadians, candles, caving, cds, chapstick, cheesecake, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, church, climbing on stuff, clouds, crazy band people, creation, creativity, dan the redhead, dancing, dasboard confessional, day dreaming, depressing poems, disney movies, dogs, donuts, dreams, drew barrymore, ebay, emery, falling up, family, family force 5, fiction, filming, flea markets, fm static, football, forever changed, french, friends, gifts, gilmore girls, green day, gummy bears, gwen stefani, hanging out, happy thoughts, harry potter, hats, hawk nelson, hawthorne heights, hiking, hooded sweatshirts, horror, hugs, jacob olds, jk rowling, joe kisselburgh, jokes, joseph olds, laughing, life, lipgloss, listening to music, literature, lord of the rings, love, love poems, lying in the sun, lyrics, male vocalists, marching band, moonlight, movies, music, my friends, my friends at iv, night sky, no doubt, number one gun, oddballs, oreos, people who smile, photography, pillar, poetry, poutine, punk, puppies, rain, reading, relient k, remus/sirius, roses, running in the rain, sad girly movies, sarcasm, school, shakespeare, simple plan, sims 2, singing, skillet, sleep, smiling, solomon olds, special chinese ho-hos, stalking boys, stars, stuff..., summer, sunset/sunrise, sweetly dreaming, talking, the incredibles, the killers, the ocean, the phamily, the word "eh", thrift stores, tim hortons, twinnys, watching movies, watching the ants, weeds, weirdness, words, writing, yellow roses, yummy food