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May 18th, 2013

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11:15 pm - The pillow
This weekend, I went to stay the night with my best friend because she was graduating. We were sitting in the living room when a new friend declared her love for the owl pillow, which was my pillow. I told her to take it. She said no butI insistently told her that I wanted her to have it. She finally agreed to take it.

The pillow was a gift from someone I no longer count as a friend. While it was at my house and I looked at it, it reminded me of the day I got it from the friend but then it would remind me how far our friendship has fallen.That's why I was so insistent about the girl having the pillow. Now the two most significant points of my pillow ownership have positive memories attached, the day I got it and the day I gave it away.

I do feel slightly guilty about giving it away since it was a gift and I never believe in doing that type of thing but then I think of how excited the receiver was and I feel ok. I feel like I passed it on.

I would do one thing differently though. I would have waited till the next morning to give it to here because a scrunched up bath towel is not a real substitute for a pillow... Haha.

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